Why Pefoma?

More and more Music Artists are experiencing frustration and not feeling their value with their content being lost and swallowed up by the sheer diversity of existing social media platforms. Social media platforms have been traditionally designed with only the creator gaining the true success.

Pefoma is a fresh new social app for music Artists and Fans for all genres. A new platform like no other, Pefoma has been created specifically for Artists, with music being the real motivation. It fuses an Artists’ catalogue of audio-visual content with a new way for Artists to get discovered, engage fans and monetise their content.

All in a single app.

Pefoma is a virtual home built for artists to exhibit their entire body of work and to interact and connect with admirers of their creations and create a unique experience that crosses both continents and genres, opening up a whole new world of sound. As an Artist you gain full control of your content. Pefoma allows you to generate revenue from your content and live-streaming performances. Connect with fans and develop new fans around the globe.

Showcase your videos and images content on one platform, including premium content. Be part of the exclusive Pefoma club – Take control of your content.