App Features

Live Streaming

We use the latest streaming technology to ensure you look and sound amazing, and give your audience the best experience possible. Live streaming is available to all Artists on Pefoma and you can stream for up to 4 hours. For fans to watch your live stream, they must first pay your entry fee in Pefoma coins. You set the entry fee and 100% of the revenue generated is sent to your Pefoma wallet.

Pefoma charges the fans a set up fee depending on the length of the live stream. For a 1 hour stream show there is a set up fee of 50 coins charged to the fan, a 2 hour stream show has a set up fee of 100 coins, a 3 hour stream show has a set up fee of 150 coins  and a 4 hour stream has a set up fee of 175 coins.

For example: If you charge your fans  1000 coins to access your 4 hour live stream show, 1175 coins will be deducted from the fans wallet.

Exclusive Content

Let your audience see the real you. Be original and give value to your fans with exclusive content which is ONLY available on Pefoma. Whether you are uploading behind the scene footage, tutorials, new music samples or studio sessions, a lot of fans would be willing to pay for them. You set the price, in Pefoma coins, that fans would have to pay in order to view.

Be Sociable

Be you, be sociable as well as your music, share your photos, stories and videos on Pefoma. Express yourself in new ways and bring yourself closer to your fans. Connect with fans and create compelling content that’s distinctly yours. Share and grow your fan-base with our diverse, global community via just one platform. Fans can get involved by commenting, liking and sharing your content.  They can even send requests for their favourite music!

Gift Coins

Fans can engage and share their appreciation to their favourite Artists. Whether it’s recognition for an awesome Live Stream, liking a new picture you have shared, or thanks for creating a killer video. By sharing their reactions, fans can personally show their appreciation for your work.  The more you put in to your profile, the more you can get out of it.


Pefoma coins are used across the app for access to live streams, exclusive content and fan tips. Coins can be purchased by anyone on Pefoma in various bundles through the in-app purchase. All coins received from your Live Streaming, tips from Fans and purchase of your exclusive content will appear in your wallet in real-time so you can keep track of what you have earned.

The digital wallet is where all your coins are stored. Once your coins value balance exceeds £100, you may request a withdrawal of funds. In order to be able to withdraw funds, you must have a VERIFIED PayPal account attached to your wallet.